Miriam Aïda – vocals, Mats Andersson – 7stringed guitar,

Ola Bothzén – percussion, Finn Björnulfson – percussion,


Fredrik Kronkvist – saxophones & flute

Nils Landgren – trombone

Miriam Aïda – Quatro Janelas (2015)

Miriam Aïda – vocals, Mats Andersson – 7stringed guitar,

Ola Bothzén – percussion, Finn Björnulfson – percussion

Featured Guests: Fredrik Kronkvist – flutes, Måns Mernsten – rhodes

Lyrics by Etel Frota, Adriana Sydor, Thiagu Gentil, Alexandre Lemos


Miriam Aïda Afro Samba Orchestra – É de Lei! (2014)

e de lei - front kopia

Miriam Aïda – vocals, Mats Andersson – 7stringed guitar,

Inge Petersson – clarinets, Ulf Holmström – flutes, Vindla String Quartet

Ola Bothzén – percussion, Finn Björnulfson – percussion

Miriam Aïda – Visans Väsen (2011)


Miriam Aïda – vocals

Mats Andersson – classical guitar

Ola Bothzén – percussion

Miriam Aïda – Letras Ao Brasil (2009)

Miriam Aïda – vocals
Mats Andersson – classical guitar
Ola Bothzén – percussion

MIRIAM AÏDA – Come On Home (2008)

Fredrik Kronkvist – sax & flute, Daniel Tilling – piano, Martin Sjöstedt – bass, Daniel Fredriksson – drums

Come on Home delivers soul and personality trough a dussin songs of well known character. Together with her band Miriam Aïda gives us music from Stevie Wonder, Bobby ”Blue” Bland och John Hendricks. Miriams unique voice and the band´s high-class sound creates an expressive and tight experience on Come On Home. The album is recorded in Gula Studion, Malmö with a tight and accomplished piano trio featured by Fredrik Kronkvist.

Miriam Aïda – Meu Brasil (2007)

Miriam Aïda – vocals
Oscar Bolão – percussion, Jayme Vignoli – cavaquinho, Marcilio Lopes – bandolim
Fredrik Kronkvist – flute, alto flute, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
Mats Andersson – guitar, Måns Mernsten – piano, Mattias Hjort – bass

“Meu Brasil”; an acoustic adventure in the Brazilian, earthbound music tradition. This record is recorded with both Swedish and Brazilian musicians and reflects a global unity coming from the mutual passion for the Brazilian music treasure vaults. The material is mostly sung in Portuguese and is collected from compositors from different eras such as Baden Powel, Nelson Cavaquinho and Jorge Ben. The distance between Sweden and Brazil decreases when the album also contains new written Bossa Nova with Swedish lyrics written by Miriam and when she brings the Swedish music tradition with her, interpreting one a poem by Swedish poet Nils Ferlin’s in Portuguese.

Joe Spinaci and the Brookolino Orchestra – Too Darn Hot (2005)


Inspired by Cab Calloway, Louis Prima and Perez Prado nine of Sweden’s best musicians makes the house swing with a fantastic mixture of Rock-a-billy, Mambo Jambo & Gangsterswing. Saxophones, trombone, trumpet piano, bass drums and the glamorous voice of singer Miriam Aïda makes Joe Spinaci and the Brooklino Orchestra a great top quality party, dancing, jazz album for everybody

Miriam Aïda & Fredrik Kronkvist with Monday Night Big Band – Live at the Palladium (2005)

Recorded live in front of a huge audience is this album a real powerhouse. Soulfull, straight-a-head jazz, and Bossa Nova with Sweden’s brightest young jazz stars. Singer Miriam Aïda and saxophonist Fredrik Kronkvist deliver their message with powerful big band arrangements of great tunes such as “Senor Blues” by Horace Silver, Nat Adderleys “Fun” and also a big band version of their own tune Right Here, Right Now, first heard on their first appearance on the success record “Jan Lundgren Trio presents Miriam Aïda & Fredrik Kronkvist”.

A Bossa Elétrica  – Eletrificacao (2004)

Miriam Aïda – vocals
Fredrik Kronkvist – flute and saxophone
Mats Andersson – guitar
Måns Mernsten – keys, backing vocals
Mats Ingvarsson – bass, backing voclas
Måns Block – drums, backing vocals

Miriam Aïda – My Kind of World (2003)

The first solo album by the versatile artist Miriam Aïda, one of Swede’s leading jazz singers. Miriam expresses her powerful voice in a swinging soul jazz session. The album includes tunes like the classic “What a Difference a Day makes”, the soulful “Big
City”, beautiful ballads and a passionate Bossa Nova. Miriam Aïda shares her deep soul in this wonderful debut that shows us a singer with great timing, jazz feel and a true sensitivity to tell a story with music.

Jan Lundgren Trio presents Miriam Aïda & Fredrik Kronkvist (2002)

Miriam Aïda – Vocals, Fredrik Kronkvist – Alto Saxophone, Flute

Jan Lundgren – piano, Mattias Svensson – bass, Morten Lund – drums

One of Sweden’s biggest names on the world’s jazz map, pianist Jan Lundgren together with to young very talented soloists here presented for the big audience for the first time. Funky soul jazz and standards with both an American and a Swedish touch are featured. You can hear Miriam Aïda powerful charisma, shining thru on Jon Hendrics “Ain’t no excuse” and Fredrik’s firing alto sax on “On a clear day, you can see forever” all accompanied by the ever tasteful Jan Lundgren and his trio.

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